Hailey Day

Meet Hailey

Hailey Day is an accomplished web designer, developer and graphic artist. Her 15-year career as a digital artist and developer has spanned many industries. Basically everything from forensic animation to pancake houses.

But no matter how many times she has said to herself well, this will be different, she always brings the same winning formula: artistic aesthetic, technical know-how, and a no-nonsense work ethic that makes her the antithesis of a flashy agency.

Originally from Maryland, she now lives in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood with her husband (a writer and content strategist) and their two young daughters.


Get to know a little more about Hailey's past.

2010 & 2014: Motherhood

Becomes a mom to 2 beautiful girls — the best, yet most challenging job in the world.

2008: HeyDay Creative

Ready for a new challenge, Hailey goes off on her own and establishes HeyDay Creative.

2005: Varenna’s Brochure

Visits the Italian town of Varenna (the inspiration for her future daughter's name) on Lake Como and shoots a photo that…

2001: Knott Lab

Joins Knott Laboratory — a forensic engineering and animation company that digitally reconstructs automobile accidents for litigation. And soonafter, Hailey…

2000: Glub’s Journey

Creates an animated short entitled Glub’s Journey about a lonely goldfish who travels to the sea via a sewage pipe.…

1999: ICESat

Designs this logo for the ICESat satellite during a summer internship with NASA. The artwork would eventually orbit Earth thousands of…

1997: Relocates to Colorado

Relocates from Maryland to Colorado, to study Art History & Filmmaking at the Colorado College.

1993: Future Animator

Wants to be a Disney animator when she grows up. Gets the nerve to write a letter to Walt Disney…

1986: Self Portrait

Draws this self portrait. Obsession with art begins... never stops.



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  2. high spirits; exclamation of cheerfulness, joy, surprise, passion or wonder